About Us

Roots to Branches provides assistance to parents, schools and community groups for the creation of safe and thriving learning environments that teach personal development and social responsibility.

Surveys taken across the nation show increased rates of violence, bullying, anxiety, alcohol/drug usage and psychological stress amongst the teenage population. We believe this is caused by the combined effects of a lack of meaningful participation, increased “out-of-context” technological use and decreased mentor relationships.

Youth need to be empowered to deal with these issues and therefore need specialists that can provide their expertise, knowledge, and resources to ensure they have the personal and social skills to deal with issues at home, in school and in the greater community.

Who We Are:

Roots to Branches is an organization of specialists that work alongside various groups of a community to develop dynamic educational experiences for teenagers, ages 11 – 18. We focus on building resiliency, creating meaningful experiences, and providing positive mentor relationships.

Our Mission:

To create healthier communities via an increase in personal awareness, community participation, and emotional literacy.

If you would like to learn more please visit our Educational Services page.