Youth Programs

Roots to Branches provides dynamic educational programs that focus on building resiliency to engage and empower youth to live a healthy and meaningful life.

Our curriculum involves various themes for the purpose of engaging youth in meaningful participation and connection to the greater community.

Curriculum Overview
  • Social and Emotional – helping students build empathy and social responsibility
  • Rites of Passage – guiding students through the transitional phase of adolescence
  • Community Engagement – allowing students to work with business professionals
  • Team Building – activities that aid in the creation of meaningful relationships
  • Nature Exploration – immersing students in an environment that limits distractions and builds resiliency
  • Leaders-in-Training – leadership and intern opportunities for continuing support on career and life paths

Our programs run throughout the year.


“I wanted to say thank you once again for the positive experience our son had with the rites of passage group. We will always be grateful that he was a part of this group…I am impressed with your commitment and dedication to these boys and can confidently say I would recommend this experience to anyone with a son of this age.”

– Luke, Parent

“You’ve been so amazingly wonderful and accommodating.  Thank You Very Much doesn’t come close to expressing the deep gratitude I feel for your work.”

– A.J. , Parent

Please visit each of our program pages to determine the right one for you.