• Educational Programs

    Roots to Branches assists communities with educational services that empower youth to create a healthier lifestyle.

  • Community Engagement

    Roots to Branches focuses on developing programs that build meaningful participation and community service engagement.

  • Meaningful Experiences

    Roots to Branches creates dynamic educational experiences for youth to make connections with their community and themselves.

About Us

Roots to Branches provides assistance to parents, schools and community groups for the creation of safe and thriving learning environments that teach personal development and social responsibility. Surveys taken across the nation show increased rates of violence, bullying, anxiety, alcohol/drug usage and…


We develop school programs and facilitate community meetings that empower youth through the creation of meaningful connection and personal relationships.  We work with the individual, the family, the classroom and the greater school/community via dynamic educational offerings that include: Facilitating project-based and social and…

Youth Programs

Roots to Branches provides dynamic educational programs that focus on building resiliency to engage and empower youth to live a healthy and meaningful life. Our curriculum involves various themes for the purpose of engaging youth in meaningful participation and connection…

Recent News


Introducing ‘WiseTechEd’, a NEW program that seeks to empower schools, families and communities around wise technology use.

The Empower Project

A new year long project is starting that empowers young men to be responsible and caring adults.


Look over some information and studies that show the benefits of our programs.

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Roots to Branches provides a high quality service to both the community and the individual. Read what people have to say about us.

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Need to know some additional information about our programming and services? Here are some frequently asked questions.

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