Roots to Branches creates strategy and leverages expertise to engage schools in service-learning with emphasis on social and emotional development and community engagement.

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Program Overview

We believe students who undertake valuable and meaningful participation within their community will build lasting resilience for themselves. Students are immersed inside and outside of the classroom for instruction that creates meaningful participation and emotional literacy.  Our curriculum involves developing effective strategy to engage students in societal responsibilities while also building self-esteem and empathy. Service Learning programs are developed using a “Touch-Point” strategy: by facilitation of the intersection of teachers, staff and outside stakeholders to come together with a common purpose.

  • The purpose of service-learning is identified via theme selection that is used to create awareness and consistent messaging on why the theme(s) are: 1) relevant to the school/community, and 2) relevant to the individual.
  • Successful strategy will be multi-faceted using many communication avenues and tactics, engage all stakeholders of a community with targeted messaging, create personal meaning, and empower with actionable items on how to get involved.

Steps of Implementation:

Step 1: Roots to Branches designs service learning initiatives by meeting with faculty/staff to identify the needs and resources of each school / community.

Step 2: We create and then meet with a leadership team consisting of student and/or teachers who help to address the established interests and goals.

Step 3: We speak to the student body via class assembly to discuss specific roles and the impact on the community of the service project.

Step 4: We engage students in a hands-on community service project on a specified date.

Step 5: Finally, students reflect on their experience to make the connection of the importance of community contributions.

Example of Project Planning:


Piedmont High School – Project Planning Map

Service learning also creates a framework for integration of identified relevant themes into existing school curriculum – themes can be selected by action committees of engaged students and teachers, created by surveying and mapping out interests of the school as a whole, or pre-determined based on the needs and resources a school or organization has.

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