WiseTech Ed

 ‘WiseTech Ed‘ is a program that seeks to empower families, schools and communities around wise technology use.

Program Overview

WiseTech Ed’s goal is to create an education experience that engages all stakeholders in a community in an effort to create a shared framework for what ‘smart’ technology use looks like, including how to respond when best practices are not followed. WiseTech Ed is about moving away from shaming around technology use, and moving toward a model where we celebrate our amazing devices while getting wise about the unintended consequences.

Wise technology use is not as simple as saying “here’s a hammer: be careful”. During development of the adolescent brain, which is at its largest capacity for thought yet lowest threshold of risk-management between the ages of 12-18, the prefrontal cortex is not yet formed to make rational decisions with consequences fully laid out.¹

It takes just a second to send a damning text or inappropriate photo, but it may take a lifetime to heal from the experience. We simply must be proactive as a society to get ahead of these challenges.

The WiseTech Ed 3-tiered strategy:

Engage Families by educating and informing on ways technology use can be monitored and mirrored in the home environment.

Engage Schools in assemblies and in-class lessons on the importance of wise technology use in relationship to the healthy development and function of the adolescent human brain.

Engage Communities with one-on-one youth mentoring and creation of resource restorative groups to help other kids who have had trauma around technology use.

Links to Assembly Videos:

Act 1: Benefits of Technology

Act 2: Unintended Consequences

Act 3: Striving for Balance

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