Drug and Resilience Education

Roots to Branches develops and facilitates lesson plans to promote resiliency and the creation of healthy youth behavior.

Program Overview

Drug and Resilience Education is the process of creating awareness of emotional development and personal decision-making in order to promote a greater understanding of the intention behind every action. Our lesson plans enrich and engage students within and without the classroom to begin understanding how the adolescent brain works, why youth have tendencies to take risks, and examples of tools to create awareness and mindfulness.

Example of Instruction

  • Classroom: Group discussion about brain development, how the brain learns from experience, and ways we can have awareness about the consequences of our actions
  • Small Groups: Activity where groups of 5-6 people learn to do a task efficiently as a mirror for brain development
  • Individual: Personal reflection and creative writing around how the development of the adolescent brain relates to creative thinking and risky behavior

Overview of Curriculum

Roots to Branches engages youth on how brain development, seeking identify and engaging in social behavior are all a part of growing up and learning how to be ones Self in the world. Through group discussion, small group work and individual reflection, students are taken on a journey from idea to reality that breaks down negative stigmas and makes learning about “hard” topics approachable.

Additional Program Information

  • Lessons can be tailored to a specific schools wants and needs
  • Lessons typically take place for grades 6-9 to mirror the physical and emotional development of youth
  • Roots to Branches facilitates and/or trains teachers to facilitate

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