Below are frequently asked questions about our youth programs:

1. Why are your fees lower than some similar programs out there? Roots to Branches strongly believes that every child should be able to participate in these programs. Our fees are lower than most because we offer a wider range of programming and to various groups. Part of our business model is to be able to diversify ourselves in who and what educational programs we can offer. The more groups and/or organizations that use our programs, the lower our fees.

2.How many kids are typically in your after-school groups and what are their age ranges? We normally have between 6-7 students per group and they range from 10-14 years old. We have groups with just 6th graders and other groups that combine 7th & 8th graders. We feel that the older kids work better together, especially those that have been in our program for at least a year.

3.What do you typically do at each after-school meeting? What activities do you do? The purpose of our after-school programs are to teach boys and girls life lessons that will promote healthier teenage choices. We have developed a curriculum that immerses our members in (8) themes that lead to building resiliency. We will meet our members throughout the year at various parks of Marin County. This allows for nature exploration in a changing environment that engages their curiosity and further interest of the program. These activities include: council ie: discuss individuals stress level, problems at school/home, changes to mind and body; dynamic play using what nature has to offer, and challenging team building tasks. We believe that every activity should have an intention, and we follow-up activities with discussion on what the youth learned or gained.

4. How do you integrate your school programs into existing schedules? Every school is treated on a case to case basis and we are often flexible on how we can integrate our school programs. We have worked with schools by offering after-school groups, an elective class, a school-wide assembly day and year-long program. It’s best to Contact Us to set up a meeting so that we can figure out how to integrate our programs together.

5. Do you have previous or current parents that I could reference for more information? We’d be glad to connect you to our parents! We also provide a testimonials page as a reference.

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