Parents and Students

“The best experience I have ever had. I feel like I have several fathers to talk to.”

– Adam, Age 13

“I wanted to say thank you once again for the positive experience our son had with the rites of passage group. We will always be grateful that he was a part of this group…I am impressed with your commitment and dedication to these boys and can confidently say I would recommend this experience to anyone with a son of this age.”

– Luke, Parent

“I could never have imagined what the coming of age group would mean to my son, or to our family.  At a time when my boy was stepping out into the world as a budding adolescent, needing to develop independence and withdraw from his father and myself, he found a place and a group with whom he could develop a strong and healthy connection…I will never forget sitting at the dinner table the day after my son’s first boys’ group event.  He let out a deep sigh and said, “Yesterday was the best day of my life!”  When I could not recall what event could have made it the “best day of his life,” I asked.  He replied, with a look of complete astonishment that I would not intrinsically know what had made it so special.   “Because of boys group,” he replied.   And then, my boy who rarely recounts life experiences, went into a long and animated narration of the previous day’s events.  He passed between young man and small boys several times in the telling of his tale, and I knew right then that he had found a place to bring his two worlds together.  He would safely, and happily embark upon the journey to adulthood as a member of this special group.”

– Maria, Parent

“You’ve been so amazingly wonderful and accommodating.  Thank You Very Much doesn’t come close to expressing the deep gratitude I feel for your work.”

– A.J. , Parent

“A great opportunity.”

– Lenny, Child Psychologist

Schools and Organizations

“White Hill’s experience with Roots To Branches was extremely positive.  The field trip experiences they organized for our 7th and 8th graders were engaging and perfectly matched for our student population.  I highly recommend this organization and their high quality programming.”

– D. Finnane, Principal White Hill Middle School

“Roots to Branches was hired by FOCAS and the Town of Fairfax to revitalize our Youth Commission.  The energy and enthusiasm they have brought to youth and teen services in our community is remarkable.  R2B’s depth of programming is vital to sustaining healthy communities.  I am thrilled to have them as our partners.”

– Anne Mannes, FOCAS Director-Town of Fairfax